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Early Learning Center, Remedial Coaching Center, Additional learning skills for children in need, 100 Girl child Sponsorship.

Geographical area

Gondia, Bhadura, Shankar parulia, Haridaspur, Salampur, Raghunathpur, Kashipore, Jalapore in Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Target Beneficiaries

SC & ST, Minority community from the age group 1½ years to 18 years.

No. of Beneficiaries

500 beneficiaries and 100 girl child sponsorship.

To provide the prelimary education through play method in early learning center.
To provide the supplementary nutritional support to the children from the age group 1 ½ years to 18 years.
To mainstream he children to the different formal school.
To provide the educational support to the children so that they could complete the education.
To protect children from the child labour.
To aware the community about the child rights and child protection.
To improve access to existing Government resources by network building and advocacy.
Play way method of teaching in the Early learning center.
Nutritional support to the children.
Monthly Health & hygiene check up, height weight and to provide the necessary medicine to the children and psychological support.
Regular ongoing remedial educational and mainstreaming support.
Regular recreational support for holistic development.
Monthly mothers meeting.
Community awareness programme on various issues related to mother and children.
Monthly parents meetings where the parents are sensitised about the need for their children’s education.
Formation and maintenance of Local Accounts where the mothers can save the money for their child’s education.
Formation of 2 Peer Groups to receive training on six issues, which includes: the need for education, motivation, child rights, child protection, and gender discrimination in child education, leadership and communication.
Monthly Peer Group meetings on child protection and rights issues.
Advocacy meeting with NGOs by Peer Groups on child rights & protection issue.
Training to Peer Groups on Network and existing system and educating society in favour of child rights and protection
Inter-school debate organized by Peer Groups.
Social mapping to identify under-served and un-served pockets of the operational areas.
Stakeholders’ sensitization training sessions to sensitise stakeholders each year.
Awareness camps per month to sensitise the general community through street play, video show, rally etc.
Enrolment camps to organise send the children straight to formal school.
Improve access to existing Government resources by network building and advocacy.
50 children were mainstreamed in government school between the age group of 6 years onwards.
50 malnourished children were getting nutritious food and their height and weight have increased.
50 mothers were trained on hygiene practices with their children and improvements in attitude towards the importance of education among these parents were sensitized.
450 children are getting ongoing education, counseling, nutritional, recreational support and have promoted to the next level(class).
2 Peer group formed with 24 children for awareness on child rights and child protection.
12 awareness program have being conducted on child labour, begging and trafficking were 1582 people were present .
250 children were given text books aiming to help them in higher studies.
100 girls were sponsored for education development. They were provided with educational materials(Text books, exercise note bags, geometry, boxes pencil and pen set), dresses, shoes, lunch boxes, drinking water bottle and umbrella.
10 girls were provided bicycle to reach school from interior village as they were in secondary level.
100 children who were malnourished was provided with cereals, rice, cooking oil, nutritional drink and hygiene materials like toothpaste , brush, soaps and shampoo.