Family Counselling

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Geographical area

Gondia, Bhadura, Balrampur, Jalalpore, Kashipore, Taraganj & Bishra villages of South 24 parganas Diamond harbor

Target Beneficiaries

People of seven villages in Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas

No. of Beneficiaries


To cut the domestic violence in the family.
Helping Adolescence to cope from various stress and violence.
To create a bridge between the broken families.
To minimize the internal conflict among the family members.
To provide the counseling support to the individual in stress to make them capable to handle his/her situation.
Effectively running the family counseling clinic on a regular basis.
Individual and group counseling for children and mothers.
Regular follow and monitoring of the cases.
Networking with the various government agencies.
Monthly awareness generation program on family counseling center
In this particular program we have successfully covered 148 persons by providing counseling services and most of them informed about their better mental health condition than before.
76 Adolescence boys and girls, who have received counseling services on behavioral disorder, and coping with stress related to violence in their families and in schools, informed the better condition than before.