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HIV/Aids Prevention and Education.

Geographical area

Gondia, Bhadura, Balrampur, Jalalpore, Kashipore, Taraganj & Bishra villages of South 24 Parganas Diamond harbour

Target Beneficiaries

People of seven villages in Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas

No. of Beneficiaries


Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention by education and information
Behavior modification
Voluntary testing and counseling.
Treatment of persons with AIDS.
Home Based Care
Life skill training
Creating awareness generation among the community members about HIV/AIDS and STD through formation of Community health groups and community health volunteers.
Awareness through street drama, quiz, poster, signature campaign, leaflets, Self Help Group.
Condom promotion.
Providing training to the community health groups and volunteers.
Counselling to the HIV infected and effected.
Networking with government hospitals.
Creating awareness generation about sexual health among the mothers of the community.
Provision curative and educational health care clinics.
Conducting meeting among the mother about proper hyigeinic practises, safe sanitation safe drinking water and proper feeding practises of the children of 0-5yrs age.
Provide reguler heath checkup for the children with height & weight checking.
Providing vaccination for mother & child and also offering family planning programme.
To increase uptake of immunization among the children of 0-5 yrs age.
Networking with the existing government services for accesibility to beneficiaries under JSY scheme.
To support during emergency & provide relief in time of crisis.
80% increased in knowledge level of HIV/AIDS, STDs, RCH related issues, Expanded contraceptive choices among the community health volunteers, SHG groups Sex workers in seven villages of South 24 parganas through 30 Community Health Groups (CHG) each with 2158 community health volunteer members who are actively working and made aware through 64 awareness camp on STD/HIV/AIDS /RCH. Each community health group consists of 3 female, 3 male, 2 adolescent boys, 2 adolescent girls selected from seven villages of South 24 Parganas. 8442 no of people attended in 64 awareness camp on STD/HIV/AIDS/RCH in seven villages of Diamond harbor, South 24 parganas. Out of which 3282 male, 3731 female, 1061 adolescent girls, 368 adolescent boys were present. After competition of the awareness camp it was recognized that 75% knowledge level increased among the people of the selected people.
16 Training were conducted for the CHV, SHG on STD, HIV/AIDS/RCH, condoms promotion, sex and sexuality and gender issues, rights, family planning, laws and legal aspects was conducted.
75% knowledge level increased among the people through 34 awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS on World Aids Day for a week were conducted at seven major spots through Quiz, game show, poster competition, street play on STD/HIV/AIDS. In this awareness campaign 5036 number of people attended on STD/HIV/AIDS/RCH in seven villages of Diamond Harbor, South 24Parganas. Out of which 1753 no of adult male, 2028 no. of adult female, 508 no. of adolescent boys, 747 no. of adolescence girls attend in the campaign.
11142 people attended awareness camp on STD/HIV/AIDS/RCH. Interaction sessions with Community members one to one basis was done in a year.
10000 Printed leaflets with pictorial reading material, posters, flip charts and movie shows /Audio video communicating tools were used.
25291 Condom distribution, marketing of condoms brands directly by the project staff to the target community.
Total 1322 patient identified on sexually transmitted disease in a Health clinic. Out of which 514 male and 808 female identified on STD disease in a health clinic and were provided referral service.417 Counseling sessions were provided and continue counseling is being provided to 111 patients(78 male 33 female) and families infected as well as effected with HIV.
558 Home visit and 452 Follow up of the patient & family counseling was done.
Care and support of HIV positive through networking and placement with 5CBOs and 2government hospitals were done.
Referred 111 patients for VCT facility to the government hospital. Networking & Advocacy visit with local government bodies and hospital for VCTC was ongoing process.