Micro Credit for Livelihood

To create small saving habits in to the mothers for their own benefit.
To promote business development plan for the groups and to formation of SHG and linked with the Bank.
Mainstream the underprivileged women with the help of banking facility.
To encourage and help the women to enhance their skills & start their own business with the help of loan.
To make them self sufficient and self sustain.
Networking with the Bank and other Government officials for participation in the "Sobola Mela", "Gramin Mela", "Handicraft Mela"
To organize and support the existing SHGs more systematically and dynamically so that they can run the same by their own capacity and skill & become self-reliant socially, culturally and economically by promoting the small enterprises.
Formation of 10 SHG which contains 10 members each.
Each groups has separate account in the name of "Mohila Gosthi" like "Shanti Mohila Swanirvor Gosthi"
The members deposit Rs.20/- per month in their account.
Each of the groups is linked with the West Bengal State Cooperative Bank.
In every 1st Month of week they themselves conduct a meeting for collection of money and discussion with the social problems.They also do meeting minutes for their own benefit.
In 10th of the Month members deposit their amount in the Bank.
After 6th Months, Organization deposits the seed money for 6 months as completed loan activity.
After 6th months bank officials conduct meeting for loan disbursement and start their own business.Like Wooden block making, greeting cards making, paper bags making, Fashionable jute bags making, papad making etc.
10 SHG are still spontaneously save their money in the bank & they are active.
After six months bank is given loan to the Groups for their business activity.
All the SHG groups are involve business like greeting cards making, Jute bag making, Paper bags making & wooden block.
The groups are making a profit from their business
Loans are being repaid by the SHG members & they are continuing their savings in the Bank.
Expected to reduce poverty and unemployment.
Raised skills, innovations and generated new technologies for rural development.
Improved livelihoods, more participation in the social activity and provided opportunities and paths out of poverty


Family Counselling :

Project: Family counselling
Geographical Area: Gondia, Bhadura, Balrampur, Jalalpore, Kashipore, Taraganj & Bishra villages of South 24 parganas Diamond harbour

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Education :

Project: Early Learning Center, Remedial Coaching Center, Additional learning skills for children in need, 100 Girl child Sponsorship.
Geographical Area: Gondia, Bhadura,Kashipore, Jalapore in Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.

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