What a Sponsored child benefits, when get’s sponsored :

Education: Since parents are illiterate we provide coaching supports the subjects so that they do not drop out from the school, educational support to payment of school fees, procurement of school uniforms, writing materials, textbooks, pencil box, lunch box, water bottles, school bags, crayons, drawing notebooks and other school needs like shoes, school dress. In winter, sweater, blanket and mosquito net are also provided. English and Computer literacy and skills are also taught.


Medical & Dental Care: Children's medical and dental care, including vaccinations and quarterly check-ups. In addition, we teach the children hygiene skills that greatly improve their overall health. Most of the children have never received basic vaccinations and typically arrive already in developing stages of several different debilitating diseases. For example, in one of Early Intervention centre had the beginning stages had TB. Almost all had parasites, scabies, lice, and various skin diseases. Catching these diseases in their initial stages and providing treatment early saves much suffering, deformities, and in some cases, their lives. We refer to government hospital for serious treatment.

Birthday celebration: Each child's birthday is celebrated. If the parent is unsure of the birthday, we help them to come to a good close "guess". Birthdays provide an opportunity to spotlight a child. If the sponsor sends a monetary birthday donation, a gift is purchased for all the children to share. It is presented at the birthday celebration, in honour of the child. All the children's lives have been enriched by the giving of birthday donations.

Social Development:A group activity is done with children like craft gardening, cultural programmes, sports etc. They are taught to pray and develop their characters in accordance with principles of kindness, honesty, and service. The children are taught also to respect all religions.

Food: Since these children severely malnourished. We provide quarterly health drink and during group activity a snacks and fruits are provided. This is not sufficient but due to financial crisis we cannot afford more.

Yearly sponsorship benefits to the sponsored child.

List of the items provided to girls Cost in INR 100 Euro 150 CAD 180 CAD 200 CAD 600 CAD
School text book 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
School subject Exercise Note book 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Bag 350 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geometry box & Water Bottle 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lunch Box 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pencil Box, pen, pencil, eraser 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drawing Note book and Crayons 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sweater 300 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blankets 450 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Shoes 125 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nutritional drink - quarterly 2200 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Health check up 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sports & Play materials 300 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Birthday Celebration & gifts 500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bicycle 2900 No No No No Yes
Remedial coaching class 150 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Counseling session 150 No No Yes Yes Yes
Computer Class 120 No No Yes Yes Yes
English Class 120 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trunk 600 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Folding Cot 2000 No No No No Yes
House repairing 25000 No No No No Yes
Tables and Chair 1000 No No No No Yes