Transparency Disclosures

No remuneration, sitting fees or any other of compensation was paid to any board members.
No travel reimbursement made to board members attending board meetings and other office meetings.
No remuneration paid per month to any board members
Remuneration paid to the highest paid the staff Rs 10000, 7500 and 5000
Total cost of National travel by any staff during the year : NIL
Remuneration of the lowest paid staff member (part time) is Rs 1500
Total cost of International travel by all staff & Board members during the year 2014-2015 : NIL
Detail of Board members who have received remuneration/reimbursement during the last financial year. Not Applicable
Head of the organisation Amount in Rs Per month
Highest paid 7500 Yes
Lowest paid 1500 Yes
Salary Distribution Rs Salary Range
  Male Female Total
<2500 1 15 16
2500-5000 3 5 8
5001-10000 1 1 2
Full time staff 25
Part time 4
Consultant 2
Volunteers 18
Total 49