About Anirban Rural Welfare Society

Anirban Rural Welfare Society is a voluntary social service organization for social action and economic development in a integrated way. The organization was established by a group of committed volunteers from Teachers, Doctors, Social workers, Statistician, for providing assistance and support towards betterment of the landless poor people, who are deprived, exploited and lead to their life in deplorable condition.

The group initiated a Social Service Bureau to help the distressed to regain self-confidence and new strength and hence besides trying for govternment help. The method adopted was to listen to them, to give patient hearing to their suffering and to make them feel that there was somebody to listen to them. This was done through human relation, personal attention and counseling with the deserving people. The society started its activities in 2000 and was registered in the same year under West Bengal Societies Registration Act., 1961 on the basis of their activities. The organisation is also registered under FCRA under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Act 1976.

Hand Bags

Trendy and fashionable handbags are made by these women.The bags are available in varied sizes and all colours.

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Block Making

Block making is one of the primary activities at ANIRBAN.The women make blocks which are used for printing on fabrics.

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Greetings Cards

Hand made Greeting Cards for all ocassions are made at ANIRBAN.

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  • Health care system for the village people through setting of water & sanitation, Primary health clinics, & polyclinic diagnostic centre for minimum cost.
  • Primary & secondary Boarding school for the orphan & underprivileged children (for protecting children so that they are not trafficked or face domestic violence/child labour)
  • Setting up of livelihood resource centre.
  • An old age home for elderly person who are not cared by the society.
Anirban Rural Welfare Society