How Can You Help ?

How you can contribute towards the society:


If you are an individual - Be creative — think of your own imaginative ways to help out those who need most in below mentioned ways.

  • Sponsor a school or a child’s education, medical care, and nutrition.
  • Help mobilize materials from friends, schools and colleges that can be distributed to the organizations.
  • Spread awareness within your community on issues such as child rights, literacy, shelter.
  • Sponsor a child’s education by paying school fees, books, school dress, bags etc.
  • Offer creative skills by painting murals, designing websites, conducting workshops or photography, art, pottery, origami, block printing, candle making etc.
  • Create opportunities for older children to learn skills in the area of Computer, Spoken English, Beautician, Mobile repairing, Fashion design, House Keeping, Accounts, Retail Management etc.
  • Impart professional skills in the field of Education, Health care, Legal, Counseling, etc.
  • Organize fund raising events.
  • Design an income generation programme with a clear business plan to help less privileged women to use their skills to earn a livelihood.
  • Write proposals to donor organizations to help raise funds towards a project or organization.
  • Provide strategic inputs to organizations.

If you are a business house or corporation, develop a Corporate Special Responsibility model for the organization.

  • Adopt a village and provide long-term Village / Community development work.
  • Host interactive sports tournaments.
  • Invite children to your factory or organization for an educational field trip.
  • Sponsor a child or a school’s infrastructure like water and sanitation, library etc.
  • Promote Children’s Hour—Donate an hour’s salary of every employee towards a project. Alternatively, give a certain percentage of your company’s turnover towards a children’s project.
  • Donate surplus goods computer, sports items.
  • Provide access to health check-ups, Subsidize doctors’ fees, medical examinations, medicines, and surgeries.Organize health camps i.e. ENT, maternity care, general health, etc.

If you are an educational or professional institution, impart teaching skills to the staff or organizations.

  • Allow children access to your facilities—space, sports grounds, laboratories, computers.
  • Spread awareness on issues such as child labour, child rights, shelter, etc.
  • Collect materials and books for distribution.
  • Sponsor a Child.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to get admission at your institution.
  • Subsidize educational courses.
  • Send your students for placements / volunteer work.
Media House

If you are a media house sponsor articles, columns or issues affecting the lives of disadvantaged children, Air talk shows, interviews, and messages to generate public opinion.

  • Sensitize audiences by screening short films on the lives of children.
  • Sponsor space for posters in order to facilitate awareness.
  • Create opportunities for older children to learn skills in the area of vocational skills Computer skills , Spoken English , journalism, multimedia, etc.
  • Invite children for field visits.