We Value Your Contributions

We wish to have your contribution for the ongoing work in the field of Rural Sustainable developmental projects for education, vocational and life skill training, and micro credit programs.

The amounts required for different projects

  Education: Rs. 400/- per month per child (8 Euros approx)
  Secondary education: Rs. 600/- per month per child (12 Euros approx)
  Child survival (sponsorship) programs: Rs 250/- per month per child (5 Euros approx)

Every day, more than 30000 children under the age of 5, die from malnutrition and other preventable causes. This program will provide little ones with nutritious food supplements, medical care and development opportunities in the critical early childhood years.

We would request everybody to come forward & contribute towards: Health and medical assistance to the underprivileged children Primary and secondary education Child Sponsorship. Donations in cash or in kind for training, capacity building, life skill training towards the underprivileged women's group, is most welcomed.

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Children's medical and dental care, including vaccinations and quarterly check-ups. In addition, we teach the children hygiene skills that greatly improve their overall health. Most of the children have never received basic vaccinations and typically arrive already in developing stages of several different debilitating diseases. For example, in one of Early Intervention centre had the beginning stages had TB. Almost all had parasites, scabies, lice, and various skin diseases. Catching these diseases in their initial stages and providing treatment early saves much suffering, deformities, and in some cases, their lives. We refer to government hospital for serious treatment.

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